Image: Moroccan Cookies


Exploring the sweeter side of Morocco

Here are three of my favourite sweet treats from this amazing kingdom:

Ktefa is a traditional Moroccan dessert made with warqa pastry. It’s layered with delicious, sweetened fried almonds and covered with a custard sauce that’s scented with orange flower water.

Ghoriba, or Moroccan cookies, can come in many different forms and flavours. One of my favourites is the classic Moroccan dessert almond ghoriba, a chewy almond macaroon that’s great as a pudding at the end of a meal or just on its own.

A North African delicacy, makrout are semolina cakes or biscuits popular in Tunisia and Algeria as well as Morocco. Often filled with date paste, makrout are sometimes baked, but more traditionally fried and then dipped in honey.

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