Games To Keep The Family Amused On Holiday

Morocco is a fantastic place for family holidays, but like any holiday with children, it’s always good to have some games up your sleeve for when the attention wavers. Below you’ll find our suggestions for keeping everyone entertained, some of which are universal favourites, some of which are specific to Morocco. Enjoy!

Driving Games

A long journey is the bane of most young children’s lives. Sitting still for hours on end is no fun when you’ve got boundless energy and a world to explore, but these games should engage even the most fidgety of travellers:

Road Trip Bingo

Even in the back of a car there is plenty to see as the miles roll by. Create your own list of ten things you are likely to see in Morocco, for example a minaret, a flamingo, a policeman, sand dunes, palm trees, anything that’s different to what you’d normally see at home. When one of these things comes into view, the first person to shout it out claims it for their list. Give points for the first person to get to three items, six items then bonus points for the complete list.

Car Colour Counting

An oldie but a goodie. Everyone chooses a colour then scores a point for every car they see of that hue. Extra points can be awarded for different types of vehicles, such as motorbikes, trucks, ambulances etc.

Secret Place Race

This is a great game for older children. Give them a detailed map of Morocco, one person finds a place on the map and announces it, the others have thirty seconds to try and find it. It’s a wonderful way for them to get to know the Kingdom better.

On The Ground

There is a plethora of things to see and do in Morocco, but should you wish to play a game or two to add an extra bit of fun to your holiday then the suggestions below should do the trick.

Photography ABC

You’ll soon discover that the landscape of Morocco is a stunning one and you’ll want to take photos of everything. This game adds a bit of strategy to your shooting: the aim is to end up with one photo of something beginning with every letter of the alphabet. Make sure that you take photos of things, not people; otherwise you could end up offending the locals.

Geocaching Games

Take part in this 21st century scavenger hunt by downloading a geocaching app to your device, and following the clues to uncover the treasures. It’s great fun and a fantastic way to really get under the skin of your holiday destination.

Tile Rubbings

Moroccan architecture is famous for its intricate tiles – thousands of colourful little ceramic shapes cover even the most mundane buildings. Give your children some paper and some wax crayons and get them to engage in some tile rubbing, it’s a wonderful way to preserve memories of your Moroccan holiday.

Beach games

Whether you’re at the beach or in the Sahara, the sand is a fine playground. For instance:

Sand Banks-y

Exercise those artistic muscles by joining together to create a huge sand picture. It can be something that you’ve seen on your travels or something that’s in view where you are. The only limit is your imagination. Use sticks, spades or hands to draw it, and stones, shells and other such treasure to decorate.

Rock the Sand Kasbah

Have a sand castle competition with a Moroccan twist by trying to recreate one of these fantastic Arabic fortresses the Kingdom has on offer. The winner can be decided however you like – the biggest, the tallest, the most realistic, just make sure that you agree on the rules before you start digging!

How Low Can You Go?

A simple game, hand everyone a spade, set a time limit of ten minutes and see who can dig the deepest hole. A handicap system may be necessary with young children: adults should have less time to complete their excavations. N.B: remember that sand holes can be dangerous and cave in at any time, never dig a hole that is so deep that your shoulders are below the level of the surface.

Sand Hopping

Sketch out a hopscotch grid, find a stone and away you go! It’s a great way to introduce your children to this classic game, and hopping in the soft sand is fantastic for working on your balance.

Snake Charmer

If your children have been fascinated by the snake charmers in the medinas, they’ll love this game. Simply lay a skipping rope in the sand and wriggle it like a snake. Children have to jump over it without the ‘snake’ touching them.

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