Moroccan Motorcycle Diaries


Jorge and Anabela are hardcore travellers, journeying the world and documenting it through photography and their travel magazine. On a trip around Europe they decided to visit Morocco as it was so close. It was to prove a wise decision … and they’ve been good enough to share the highlights with us:


After having recently left our jobs in order to travel more and to dedicate ourselves to our travel magazine diariesof, we were ready to take our motorbike and drive direction south, direction Morocco. We drove a little more than 1,000 kilometres from Luxembourg to Barcelona where we took a ferry that slowly rocked us into Tangier. From there, the country of the 1,000 smiles, 1,000 spices and 1,000 landscapes opened up to us! We were finally in Morocco!

Morocco has everything on offer: the sandy beaches that all Europe searches for, but also immense deserts, snow covered mountains, remote villages, deep canyons, imperial cities, Roman ruins or colonial fortresses. There is something for everyone, we can’t decide of a favourite place because there are just so many special sites …

If it’s difficult to choose a preferred location – because there are so many! – we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a good chat with the locals. Speak to booksellers, fishermen or taxi drivers – they will all make you feel genuinely welcome.

As for us, we can’t wait to be back to this beautiful country!

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