Three days in and around Agadir

Accessible from many UK and Ireland airports, Agadir is Morocco’s main beach resort. Located in the south and facing the Atlantic waves, it is the ideal destination for an exotic break.

You can opt for a relaxing stay to enjoy its golden beach and its wellness and sports activities, or visit its nearby sites and attractions for a cultural experience.

Day One

Agadir MedinaStart out with a trip to the Kasbah of Agadir or ‘Agadir Oufella’ (which in the Berber language means the High Agadir). It sits on a hill overlooking the new town and was built in the 16th century. Many of the old buildings are now ruins, though the fortress walls are remarkably intact.  The views of the bay and the fishing port from the top are breathtaking.

After your visit to the Kasbah, go back into Agadir and explore the recreated Medina. Painstakingly reconstructed in 1992 using Berber techniques that would have been used to build it originally, it gives you a fantastic insight into what originally stood here.

Then it’s time to hit the beach. With 10 km of silky soft sand, calm water and plenty of space, it’s easy to see why so many people make Agadir their destination of choice for a beach holiday every year. The Marina is also a good place to visit, a promenade with luxury yachts and boats on one side, and a large shopping mall with upmarket shops and fine restaurants to enjoy.

Day Two

 The Valley of Birds is a pleasant place to start your second day, a free wildlife park covering over almost three hectares. You will see plenty of exotic species, particularly birdlife, with a flamingo lake and aviary to explore. A small zoo showcases other animals from all over the world including wallabies, llamas and chimpanzees.

Then it’s a journey south to nearby Tiznit, a walled medina town that was once a centre of commerce and is still a great place to buy some authentic Berber jewellery to take home with you.


On your return to Agadir, treat yourself to one of the Thalassotherapy treatments Agadir is so famous for. Enjoying the therapeutic properties of seawater and seaweed is a rewarding end to your day. Or perhaps you could try playing a round at one of the high-quality golf courses that you will find in and around Agadir.

Day Three

It’s another trip out to start your last day in Agadir, east this time, to a place called Taroudant, or ‘small Marrakech’. This town lies in the beautiful Sous Valley, in the High Atlas. It is a city of history and culture, and also of colours – warm ochres and indigoes abound, making this a favourite place for painters and photographers – so it’s a very scenic journey. When you arrive, you can marvel at the well-preserved historic Kasbah and the 7 km ramparts. Then head to the local souks, which sell everything from food and drink to traditional crafts: silver jewellery, musical instruments, leather, engraved limestone, and also saffron, spices, and Argan oil.

Alternatively, another place worth visiting is Paradise Valley, for a truly enchanting experience.

On your return to Agadir, don’t miss out to the many pleasures of Agadir’s nightlife: restaurants, cabaret shows, casinos, piano-bars, open-air discotheques …

Agadir also hosts many events so before you travel, you can ask the Moroccan Tourist Office about events that coincide with your visit, or simply login on:

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