Three Days in and Around Tangier

Tangier, Morocco’s northernmost city and the gateway to Africa, has plenty to recommend it for a three-day getaway, not least the three-hour flight time from the UK. The suggested itinerary will take you in and around this famous city, allowing you to experience the best that this area has to offer.

Day One

Sea around Tangier

Start your visit by getting a real feel for the city with an exploration of the medina. Set in the lower part of Tangier, surrounded by 15th century Portuguese walls, it’s a collection of stalls, shops, teahouses, riads and other businesses, connected by a weaving network of narrow streets and alleyways.

Make sure you visit the Petit Socco (Little Square), a part of the medina which was once a gathering point for the wealthy and influential, and writers and artists during Tangier’s bohemian past. Now it’s a great place to sit and enjoy a mint tea at one of the cafes while people-watching.

Another must-see is the Kasbah museum which can be found at the top of the hill in the medina. It is housed in the former Sultan’s palace and is worth visiting for the building as much as the exhibitions of local artefacts it houses, which date back to prehistoric times.

Day Two

Streets of Chefchaouen

Set your alarm early for a trip to the blue city of Chefchaouen, which can be reached using the regular bus service which shuttles between it and Tangier. Located in the foothills of the Riff mountains, it’s an extremely pretty and highly Instagrammable place, with almost every wall painted a vivid blue, making it famous across the world.

There are traditional markets and historic buildings to discover in Chefchaouen, and you must make sure you eat at one of the restaurants to enjoy the unique blend of North African and Andalusian flavours that are on offer here.

Day Three

The Cap Spartel Lighthouse near Tangier

Head out of Tangier to Cape Spartel, the most northwesterly point in Africa. Just nine miles from the city, the point is marked by the Cap Spartel lighthouse that was built by an international coalition, including Morocco, the US, France and Spain.

Beneath the surface are the spectacular Caves of Hercules. Legend has it the Greek hero slept here on his way to steal the golden apples from the Garden of the Hesperides, this huge cave has been expanded over the centuries by Berbers quarrying the rock to make millstones. At the far end you can see the Atlantic Ocean through an opening which was carved by the Phoenicians into the shape of Africa.

Later in the day, take a stroll along the Corniche, which stretches for three miles along the length of the Bay of Tangier. You’ll find vast sandy beaches, the sparkling marina, numerous restaurants, clubs and shops, and a spectacular view that stretches right over to the shores of Europe.

This is just one way you can explore Tangier and the surrounding area in three days – there are many others. For nature-lovers, Tangier-Tetouan -Alhoceima has breathtaking scenery, natural landscapes and biodiversity which will offer you a wealth of opportunities to appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

For a beach break, The Tangier-Tetouan-Alhoceima region has one of the finest and most beautiful coastlines in the world, benefiting from a unique geographical position that offers access to both the Atlantic and Mediterranean and offering a wide range of activities and water sports.

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