Where to Stay in Morocco

Once you’ve decided to visit Morocco, you can enjoy choosing where to stay from a great range of options. We’ve looked at some of them, to help you pick your perfect holiday pad.


A Riad in FezFor a truly authentic experience in Morocco, it has to be a Riad. These quintessential Moroccan buildings are large, traditional houses built around a central courtyard in which there is usually an interior garden (the word ‘riad’ comes from the Arabic for ‘garden’).

The courtyard is almost always tiled, with plants sprouting from small island beds or an assortment of pots and planters. It is common to have fruit trees growing in the garden, providing a ready source of food for the riad’s inhabitants. Around the courtyard, most riads reach at least two storeys, open out to the sky and feature intricate tiling and elaborately carved plasterwork.

Riads are typically designed to be inward focused, so there are no external windows on the lower floor. Upstairs, high-ceilinged rooms open out onto a balcony that runs around the courtyard, creating a wonderful feeling of spaciousness. And most riads have roof terraces with high walls for privacy – great for enjoying a mint tea or meal after a rewarding day exploring Morocco.


There is an increasing number of high-quality resorts across Morocco. Designed to be somewhere travellers can enjoy a range of pursuits and entertainments without leaving the complex, these are great places to stay if you like having everything in easy reach.


All the major Moroccan cities and towns have a great selection of hotels for you to choose from. These vary from comfy family run places to five star luxury hotels. Many famous international chains have hotels in the major cities and resorts such as Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Tangier, and there are plenty of award-winning Moroccan hotels to stay in too.


Bivouacing in the desertGet back to nature and spend your nights under canvas. Camping is ideal if you want to get away from it all, whether you are touring Morocco or staying in one place. There are numerous campsites across the kingdom: how about staying in the Atlas Mountains, along the coast, or in the Sahara desert itself?  It’s an unbeatable way to experience the local culture and environment.

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