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Harry and Meghan with Chef Moha Fedal

Moroccan Cuisine – Sweet Treats

In an earlier article we covered the savoury side of Moroccan cuisine, here we’re looking at the sweeter dishes on the menu:   Sfenj These sticky little pieces of taste heaven are similar to ring doughnuts and made from unsweetened, leavened dough. Once they have risen they are shaped and then deep-fried until they are…

Moroccan Meals

Moroccan Cuisine – Savoury Specials

Always a feast for every sense, Morocco delights when it comes to taste. With a unique cuisine that is recognised around the world, eating is always an experience to savour.  Walk through the souks of the medina and you’ll be treated to a range of mouthwatering scents, from sizzling keftas on cookfires to the exotic…

Essaouira sunset

Enchanting Essaouira

This journal entry was written by Sharmeen Suleman, Founder of Vacations MAROC. She is a British Mother who has travelled to over 25 countries worldwide but somehow fell in love with Morocco. She shares her experience on family travel and her passion for Morocco on her website and .You can follow the family’s travel adventures…

Moroccan tea

Time for Moroccan Tea

The Japanese tea ceremony is famous the world over for its precise ritualistic nature and cultural significance. Mint tea is just as important in Moroccan culture. You’ll find that even in the poorest regions, families who may have no utilities, furniture or even a door to their house, will have a Moroccan tea set sitting…

Moroccan Cookies

Exploring the sweeter side of Morocco

Here are three of my favourite sweet treats from this amazing kingdom: Ktefa is a traditional Moroccan dessert made with warqa pastry. It’s layered with delicious, sweetened fried almonds and covered with a custard sauce that’s scented with orange flower water. Ghoriba, or Moroccan cookies, can come in many different forms and flavours. One of…