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With a coastline that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Sahara, Morocco is blessed with numerous beaches – whether you’re a sun seeker, surfer or nature buff, there is a place for you.

Along Morocco’s Atlantic coast lie a string of seaside towns and cities, great places to stay when you want to enjoy a beach holiday. Some places, such as Taghazout and Mazagan are great for surfers, and Essaouira is a popular kite-surf resort. Agadir is a tourist hotspot: people are drawn from all over the world to enjoy its excellent sandy beaches. Further south is Plage-Blanche, an isolated beach in the middle of an ecological park, ideal for getting away from everything and spotting some Moroccan wildlife.

The Mediterranean coast has everything you’d expect – white sands, crystal clear waters and lovely warm weather. Whichever part of Morocco's coastline you stay in, you’re bound to find a brilliant beach.

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The Journal


Three Days in Essaouira

Essaouira is a charming coastal city: welcoming and laidback, with a touch of the mystical. It’s a perfect place for a three-day getaway from the UK. Read on for our suggested itinerary on how to make the most of it. Day One Start your day down by the sea. Essaouira has been a working port…

Solo surfer

Surfing and Kiting Along the Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic coast of Morocco stretches for hundreds of miles. The pale sands and warm weather are great for beach lovers, and even better for fans of water sports.  The number one location for surfers in Morocco is Taghazout, just a few miles north of Agadir. Wave riders from across the world make the journey…

Essaouira sunset

Enchanting Essaouira

This journal entry was written by Sharmeen Suleman, Founder of Vacations MAROC. She is a British Mother who has travelled to over 25 countries worldwide but somehow fell in love with Morocco. She shares her experience on family travel and her passion for Morocco on her website and www.vacationsmaroc.co.uk .You can follow the family’s travel adventures…