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Morocco is frequently described as one of the best places in the world to tour on a motorbike, and it’s easy to see why. The roads are generally good quality, and the kingdom is spectacularly diverse. In a single day you can travel from lush green farmland, through ancient cities, along ocean coast roads and into the mountains, before ending your day in the desert.

The tarmac reaches most places, but the adventurous can always ride off-road on the mule tracks and dry riverbeds that thread parts of the country. And of course, riding in the sand of the desert is an experience you should never pass up.

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Moroccan Motorcycle Diaries

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Tizi n Test

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There are plenty of long and testing rides in Morocco, but this is about the best road to bike in all of Morocco: the Tizi n Test road. It’s labelled on maps as ‘difficult or dangerous’, which encourages people in search of a challenge. The Tizi n Test pass runs over the High Atlas mountains…