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Morocco is a kingdom where music is constantly in the air. Chaabi music, similar to Western pop music, can always be heard coming from radios in taxis, shops and cafes, and you’ll also hear exotic Gnaoua and classical Arabian music while staying in Morocco. As well as featuring in everyday life, music plays an important part in celebrations and rituals, for example at weddings and funerals.

It’s at the festivals where you can experience the best of Moroccan music. These take place throughout the year in the cities and towns, and are spectacular occasions that bring together various musical styles in a celebration of everything that makes Moroccan music special.

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Moroccan musician in Agadir

Music Festivals of Morocco

Music is an integral part of life in Morocco, so it’s no surprise that so many international music festivals take place every year in the kingdom. This article picks out some of the best Moroccan music festivals in 2019 for you to enjoy. Printemps des Alizés 25th – 28th April. The Spring Winds festival takes…

Sosa concert

Festival of World Sacred Music

Before arriving in Fez, one of Morocco’s Imperial Cities, it wasn’t on my list of favourite cities. But after enjoying a week of concerts in some of the most magical venues, combined with exploring the region and meeting the friendly locals, I left with my opinion changed forever. The festival was one that I had…