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Morocco’s location at the north west of Africa, a short sea journey from Europe, means it’s a kingdom that has been visited by many major powers throughout the centuries. Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians, Amazigh, Portuguese, Turks, Moors, Arabs, Spanish and French have all had a presence here over the years, and a host of other races have followed the trade routes through Morocco from one continent to the other.

This melting pot of cultures and customs has resulted in the Moroccan people of the 21st century; a modern and progressive Islamic nation with a friendly, welcoming nature to locals and foreigners alike.

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The Journal

Queen Elizabeth eating with King Hassan

Royal Connections

When Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, visited Morocco in February this year they were continuing a relationship between the two Royal families that has endured for decades, and a link between the United Kingdom and Morocco that was first established over 800 years ago. Nearly forty years ago Queen Elizabeth travelled to…

Moroccan Olympic logo

Morocco – Faster, Higher, Stronger

As the world’s gaze turns to Rio this August, Morocco will be among the 206 nations competing at the 31st Summer Olympics. The Kingdom is sending 49 athletes to Brazil who will complete in disciplines as varied as golf, Judo, cycling and equestrian. The bulk of the team is made up by runners, with twenty…

Saharan Sunset

Slow Travel in Morocco

Are you a Slow Traveller? Curious about the concept? Never heard about it before? Well this style of travelling is swiftly growing in popularity and Morocco is the ideal destination to practise it. Linking to the concepts of mindfulness and sustainable travel, Slow Travel is the polar opposite of the ‘cram-it-all-in four-cities-in five-days’ style of holidaymaking….

jorge valente on motorcycle tour through morocco

Moroccan Motorcycle Diaries

diariesof – Morocco – travel by motorcycle through Morocco   Jorge and Anabela are hardcore travellers, journeying the world and documenting it through photography and their travel magazine. On a trip around Europe they decided to visit Morocco as it was so close. It was to prove a wise decision … and they’ve been good enough…

Moroccan People

Meeting the Moroccans

Who are the Moroccans? Dive through the mists of time and even as far back as Paleolithic times (between 90,000 and 190,000 years ago) you’ll find the land that’s now known as Morocco was inhabited by the Amazigh. Closer to our time, just two and a half thousand years ago, the Phoenicians established colonies here,…