Morocco: a fantastic destination for


Go shopping in Morocco and you’ll have a retail experience that will live long in the memory. In every city and every town there’s something new to see and something unique to buy.

The best place to start is the medina. Whether it’s a small area in the town, or a huge one like the Medina of Fez, this is where you’ll find the souks – labyrinthine Moroccan markets that have stood for centuries and sell all manner of exotic goods. They’re fantastically exciting places to be, an assault on the senses where stallholders entice you to buy their wares – brightly coloured pyramids of spices, shining copper bowls, richly woven Moroccan carpets, steaming kefta tagines, and a hundred other goods fight to catch your eye. And don’t forget to haggle; not only will you offend people and spend more if you don’t barter, you’ll miss out on the best bit!

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An unforgettable first day at the Medina

You know how it is when you get something in your head and it just sticks there? That’s how it was with me and the Medina of Fez. I was probably around nine or ten when I first saw it, probably on a travel programme. I was instantly captivated by the sheer otherness of this ancient place….