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Morocco is a surfing destination par excellence; with an Atlantic coastline stretching over 1,000 miles from Tangier to Dakhla this is a swell-saturated coast with a huge range of breaks. Even better, though the surf scene is massive in Morocco, the extensive coastline means that there are so many places to catch waves there's more than enough surf to go round.

If you’ve never stood on a board before, help will be on hand from one of the many surf schools along the coast, who can also rent equipment and even organise your whole holiday. Warm water, long beaches and great swell; come along and find out why Morocco is the hottest place to surf.

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Solo surfer

Surfing and Kiting Along the Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic coast of Morocco stretches for hundreds of miles. The pale sands and warm weather are great for beach lovers, and even better for fans of water sports.  The number one location for surfers in Morocco is Taghazout, just a few miles north of Agadir. Wave riders from across the world make the journey…

Into the surf

Surfing the South – Part 2

When you’re in this part of the world you must also get to the mountains for a few nights – they’re just 10mins above the coastal towns and the trundle up in an old Renault 4/ Quatre-elle with the gear stick that pulls out of the ‘dashboard’ is all part of the adventure. The air…

Bethany Hamilton

Surfing the South – Part 1

You know you’ve arrived in the surfing towns of south Morocco, and not just because of the camper vans and tousle haired surfers. It’s a calmer place here with a gentleness in the air. The people are extraordinarily generous, kind, meditative – perhaps living by the ocean and growing up in the surf has had…