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Asilah is a quiet coastal town just a few miles south of Tangier. With a perfect natural harbour and delightful beaches, great weather and a thriving cultural scene, it’s sometimes surprising that more travellers don’t know about it. For those in the know, this just adds to the charm.

There is history here – the Phoenicians were the original builders back in 1500 B.C., and in the intervening years it has been controlled by Moroccans, Spanish and Portuguese. It has the same Mediterranean feel as many of the towns in this area with whitewashed buildings and meandering streets, while the large ramparts and fortifications are a gift from its Portuguese rulers.

But it’s the cultural offering that has really put Asilah on the map. There are several festivals throughout the year, and at times the whole town can seem like an art gallery with huge murals decorating the medina walls and painters displaying their work in the streets.

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Staying In Asilah

Image: Stay in a traditional riad

Asilah is a relatively small town, but one that is used to receiving visitors, so there are plenty of places to rest your head whether you want a traditional riad or a hotel. There are many guesthouses around the medina, as well as whole houses that are for rent.

Getting To Asilah

Image: Taking the train is a great way to see the scenery

The easiest way to get to Asilah is via Tangier, less than 30 miles away. Flights arrive directly from London Gatwick or indirectly via Madrid or Casablanca from many other cities. Of course, Tangier is still the gateway from Europe to Africa and it's easy to arrive on the ferry from Spain - these sail every two hours between 9.00am and 10.00pm and it's then a short drive down the coast to Asilah. You can also let the train take the strain, Asilah is on the line that connects Tangier with Rabat, Casblanca, Fez and Marrakech.