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Casablanca is probably Morocco’s most famous city, only rivalled by Marrakech, but you can put all black and white thoughts of Bogart and Bergman aside; this is a living, breathing city that will draw you to its heart. It’s a cosmopolitan place packed with art galleries, fine restaurants, top fashion designers and cutting edge nightlife. At the same time it’s full of striking architecture such as the Hassan II mosque and the Mahkama du Pacha. You can spend time and money in the old medina or the giant shopping mall that’s the largest in Africa. Casablanca is a cultural melting pot, a progressive city that welcomes visitors with open arms.

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Staying In Casablanca

Image: Casablanca has a wide range of holiday accommodation to choose from

Morocco’s largest city has a huge choice of accommodation for travellers. From economical hostels for those travelling on a shoestring to luxury hotels with 24 hour butler service, there will be somewhere in Casablanca that is ideal for you. This is a place where the traditional mixes with the modern, so western style hotels stand side by side with ornate riads – where will you choose?

Getting To Casablanca

Image: Casablanca is the flight hub of Morocco

Morocco’s biggest city is served by Mohammed V International Airport, which receives flights from all over the world. You can travel directly from Gatwick and Heathrow on Royal Air Maroc, and indirectly from many other cities including Manchester, Birmingham and Norwich. The airport is only a few miles from the city centre, and you can either ride one of the hourly shuttle trains to Casa Voyageurs railway station, and then taxi to your destination, or take a petit taxi straight from the airport. Casablanca also has a reliable tram service which you can use to reach your destination in the city. If you’re travelling from within Morocco the city has excellent rail and road links to the rest of the country, and is close to Rabat, El Jadida and Marrakech.

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