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A place to connect with the past, the ruins of Lixus tell the story of Morocco’s rulers in ancient times. First settled by the Phoenicians around 7 BC, the Carthaginians then took control of the area, before the Romans came, saw and conquered. Nearby Larache has also been the subject of changing ownership, with Amazigh, Arabs and Spanish controlling the area at various times. These different civilisations have all left their mark, resulting in an intriguing mix of influences for you to see; the Moorish old town is complemented by Andalusian style in the newer parts of Larache. It’s a place with a laidback attitude that is already a favourite with Moroccan tourists. A magical bay, classic medina and wonderful climate will ensure that you’ll love it too.

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Staying In Lixus

Image: Enjoy a traditional stay when you visit Lixus

While it’s been several hundred years since Lixus was able to offer a roof over anyone’s head, there are plenty of places to stay in nearby Larache. If you’re on a budget then head to the centre of the town where you can find several reasonably priced hotels and guesthouses close to Place de la Liberation. Larache also has more upmarket hotels, some of which can also be found around the Place de la Liberation, while others are near the seafront with great views out over the Atlantic.

Getting To Lixus

Image: It's easy to get to Lixus from any of the major Moroccan cities

If you want to travel to Lixus, your best option is to fly into nearby Tangier, fifty miles to the north. You can fly in directly from Gatwick and then take the coast road to Larache, the nearest town to Lixus. A regular bus service runs between the two, and there are plentiful taxis.

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The view from Lixus

Looking at Lixus – What to see at one of Morocco’s best heritage sites

Most places in Europe and North Africa fell under the influence of the Roman Empire, and Morocco is no exception. There are Romanic remains scattered across the kingdom, and the site at Lixus is one of the most impressive. The Romans, however, weren’t the first power to live in these parts; the Phoenicians and Carthaginians…