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Once one of Morocco’s most important trading post when ruled by the Portuguese, and now the destination of choice for wealthy Moroccans, people inside and outside the kingdom are drawn here by the long beaches and relaxed atmosphere of Mazagan.

The Portuguese influence can still be seen all over the town, most notably in the buildings and walls that are found in the old quarter. The Cistern is the most complete example of the old town and you must make time for a visit. But Mazagan is, at its heart, a Moroccan town, with a fascinating medina that has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. It’s a great place to go if you want to experience Moroccan culture while avoiding the hustle and bustle that typifies so many of the inland cities.

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Staying In Mazagan

Image: Choose from one of the many fine riads in Mazagan

In Mazagan, the Mazagan Beach Resort is the main provider of accommodation to visitors. This five star destination has just under five hundred elegant rooms and suites to choose from, and guests can enjoy a wide range of activities and entertainment including a nightclub, golfcourse, five star spa and casino.

Aside from the resort you’ll find that the Mazagan has several places to stay. Hotels full of character can be found in the old Portuguese area, and there are more modern hotels in the new town. And as you’ll find across the kingdom, to get a real Moroccan experience, stay in a traditional riad.

Getting To Mazagan

Image: Mazagan can be easily reached aboard one of the regular trains

While Mazagan has no airport of its own, it’s easy to reach thanks to its proximity to Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport. You can fly direct to Casablanca from Gatwick and Heathrow, and also reach it from Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich and Bristol. Once you’re on Moroccan soil it’s just 55 miles from here to Mazagan. You can cover this distance by road – the A5 takes you from Casablanca to Mazagan, and if you’re staying at the Mazagan Resort they can arrange for you to get a bus directly from the airport. A taxi is also a good option, these are reasonably priced and give you added flexibility. Alternatively you can catch the commuter shuttle train from the airport to Casablanca Voyageurs Station and from there on to Mazagan, a journey that takes around ninety minutes.

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