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Of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities, Meknes is possibly the least well-known – not as large as Rabat, as fashionable as Marrakech, or as famous as Fez – and you might say that this is to its advantage as you’ll find this historic place quieter and more laid back than its sister cities. It’s an enchanting place to visit, with winding narrow streets, a classic medina and grand buildings that hail back to its time as the capital of Morocco. Nearby are the Roman ruins of Volubilis and the tomb of Moulay Idriss – two of the most important historical sites in the kingdom. But Meknes is also a modern, lively city with a vibrant nightlife, plenty of bars and a welcoming attitude towards visitors.

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Staying In Meknes

Image: Meknes has a wide choice of fine hotels to stay in

Come to Meknes and enjoy a stay in one of the oldest cities in the kingdom. It has possibly the best range of riads in Morocco and these beautiful houses can be found all over Meknes with the largest group around the medina in the old town. They are often family run and it’s a great way to get have a real Moroccan experience every moment of your stay. There are many hotels too, many of which have extra features such as restaurants, nightclubs and spas. At the other end of the scale there are several campsites on the outskirts of Meknes for those who want to spend the night under the stars.

Getting To Meknes

Image: The railways in Morocco are reliable and good value

Meknes is the only one of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities that doesn’t have an airport, so most people travelling here will fly into the airport at Fez or the slightly more distant Rabat. From these cities it’s a simple journey to Meknes along the A2 by bus, taxi or hire car. The main bus station can be found close to the medina, depositing you in the heart of the city. Alternatively you can hop on the train to one of Meknes’s two stations. The first, Al-Amir Abdul Kader, is in the new town, while the larger Gare de Meknes is a bit further west. The railway is an easy way to reach Meknes from other large cities including Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech .

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