Escape to the peace of

Plage Blanche

Plage-Blanche is different to anywhere else in Morocco. A vast (forty kilometre) swathe of white sand with very few signs of human habitation, it exists at the heart of an ecological park. Around 200 miles south of Agadir, the journey to Plage Blanche is an adventure in itself – you travel by car, motorbike or 4X4 on a coast road that winds through giant Saharan sand dunes, along towering clifftops, past ancient kasbahs and by lush oases. When you reach Plage-Blanche you’re rewarded with a tranquil beach, amazing sea views and a profound sense of isolation, as the only other signs of human life will probably by the odd fisherman’s hut. It’s a real escape where the peace is only broken by the sound of the waves on the shore and the occasional flamingo flying overhead.

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Staying In Plage Blanche

Image: You make your own accommodation at Plage Blanche

Five star hotels, glamorous riads and dramatic kasbahs … you’ll find none of these at Plage Blanche. But if that’s what you were looking for then you wouldn’t be at Plage Blanche in the first place. Instead, you have hundreds of acres of white sand to pitch your tent on, or you can just crash out on the beach under the stars - this close to the Sahara, rainfall is at a minimum.

Getting To Plage Blanche

Image: Fly into the nearby Guelmim airport to visit Plage Blanche

While Plage-Blanche may be a remote beach in the southeast of Morocco, nearby Guelmim airport means it is reasonably accessible from many of the major cities in Europe. Flights arrive here from Casablanca every weekday, taking around an hour and three quarters. From Guelmim it is 45 miles to the seclusion and peace of Plage-Blanche, and it’s easy to take a taxi or hire a car for the journey. If you’d prefer to make a bit of a road trip out of it, Agadir is around ninety miles to the north. The drive takes you along the N1 for most of the route, before veering west to the coast.

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