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Imperial city, cosmopolitan centre of commerce and capital of Morocco, Rabat is a delight for holidaymakers. It’s a grand city, full of fine buildings and welcoming people, with plenty to see and plenty to do. Over the centuries Rabat has been owned by the Phoenicians, Romans, Almohads and Merenids and you’ll find plenty of monuments in the city to these past cultures, not least in the ancient medina. But it’s not all about history in Rabat, there are many fine restaurants to eat in, world class hotels to stay at, and a long warm beach to relax on.

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Staying In Rabat

It’s easy to find somewhere to stay in Rabat. If you’re looking for some low-cost accommodation then you need to head to the area around the old Medina, where you’ll find hostels, guesthouses and the occasional hotel. More expensive hotels are in the outskirts of the city or near to the royal palace.

Getting To Rabat

Image: You can fly to Rabat from many major European cities

Getting to the Moroccan capital is simple thanks to Rabat International Airport. Though it’s on the other side of the river to Rabat, in neighbouring Sale, it’s only a short five mile drive to get to the outskirts of the city. You can fly direct from Stansted, or from Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham with a change at Charles de Gaulle, Paris. Rabat is well connected to the rest of Morocco, with trains running into the city from every major town, and buses shuttling regularly to the rest of Morocco.

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