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Saïdia, in the northeastern corner of Morocco, is the place to go when you’re looking for a beach holiday where you can get away from it all. With a vast beach of white sand and azure Mediterranean waters, Saïdia is ideal whether you’re after a relaxing break, something more active or a holiday of exploration. You can play a round on the masterful eighteen hole golf course, take a boat out and go scuba diving, enjoy a meal at one of the top restaurants, just spend some ‘you time’ at a luxurious spa – you’ll be spoilt for choice. But it’s not all manmade development in the area; much of the area is unspoilt countryside and you should definitely consider visiting the nearby Sidi Yahya oasis, climbing the large eucalyptus covered dunes and walking along the clifftops of the Cap de l’Eau.

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Staying In Saïdia

Image: You can enjoy a view like this when you stay here

The new Saïdia beach resort is well populated with places for you to stay. Take your pick from beach villas, self-catering apartments or one of the quality hotels that can be found in the region. Being a modern development, the residences are well laid out and come complete with everything today’s traveller would expect from their holiday accommodation.

Getting To Saïdia

Image: Rely on Morocco's famous Grand Taxis to get you to your final destination

To reach Morocco’s Blue Pearl you can either fly direct into Fez and take a long scenic journey of two hundred and forty miles, or fly to Casablanca and then take an internal flight to Oudja Angad airport, before covering the final thirty miles in a bus or grand taxi. There is also a regular train service to Oudja from cities in Western Morocco such as Fez and Casablanca if you don’t wish to take an internal flight.

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