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Tamuda Bay

One of the newest developments in Morocco, Tamuda Bay is a gorgeous place to stay on the Mediterranean coast. A short distance from Tangier, it makes the most of a wonderful stretch of land between Fnideq and M’diq, where the sand is golden, the waters are crystal clear and the weather is almost always good. There are plenty of high quality hotels and resorts to stay at, and everything there is designed for you to have fun, whether you enjoy golf, watersports, shopping or scuba diving. To the south and west of Tamuda Bay are the Rif Mountains, great for exploring if you get tired of the sand and surf.

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Staying In Tamuda Bay

Image: Enjoy a grand stay when you holiday here

The new resort of Tamuda Bay has plenty to attract the visitor, not least the excellent accommodation on offer. New hotels line the beachfront, complete with all the conveniences you’d expect, such as pools, free wi-fi, spas and in house entertainment. If you want a bit more privacy and flexibility in your stay then why not rent one of the luxury villas or apartments that can be found near the beach?

Getting To Tamuda Bay

Image: Tamuda Bay is easily reached once you land in Tangier

The best way to reach Tamuda Bay is via nearby Tangier. The Tangier-Ibn Batouta Airport receives flights from London and many other European cities, while people travelling to Morocco over land can catch the ferry from Spain every two hours. Once you’re in Tangier it’s a fifty mile journey to the sun and sea at Tamuda Bay. You have a choice between travelling along the coast road, with the sparkling Mediterranean on your left, or inland through the Rif Mountains and via historic Tetouan.

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